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HTML Writers Guild FrontPage 2000 Course

All the assignments are from FrontPage 2000 Complete Concepts and Design.  

Authors to the book: Gary B. Shelly, Thomas d. Cashman and Michael L. Mick

Week 1 Assignments:
  1. Modifying a Corporate Presence Web
  2. Creating and Modifying a One-Page Web

Week 2 Assignments:

  1. Creating a Table
  2. Creating a Web Page

Week 3 Assignments:

  1. Adding and modifying a Spreadsheat
  2. Using Bookmarks and Hyperlinks

Week 4 Assignment

  1. Using Form Fields to Collect Data
  2. Develop a Web Page With at Least Two Different Forms on the Same Page 

Week 5 Assignment

  1. Making a New Frames Template
  2. Modifying an Existing Web to Use Frames

All answers to the assignments are by Jan Nylund and have the grade passed

Jan Nylund Frontpage 2000 course updated 16-sep-2006