HTML 4.0

International Webmasters Association
HTML Writers Guild Online Classes Program

Jan Nylund

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  1. Assignment one (My presentation and why I want to learn HTML 4.0)
  2. Assignment two (Lists, entities and bonus a nested list)
  3. Assignment three (One table with search engines and the other with picture and text)
  4. Assignment four (A form to collect information about peoples favourite pastimes)
  5. Assignment five (Style sheets with different fonts, color and design)
  6. Assignment six (Design a homepage and use all that you have learned in this course)
  7. The book I used in this class was Effective Web Design author Ann Navarro and Tabinda Khan

  8. Resources
  9. HTML 4.01 Specification
  10. A simple example page in HTML 4.0
  11. CSS 1 Specification
  12. CSS 2 Specification

Course in HTML 4.0 last updated 29-apr-2006